One-component elastic cement

This product is mixed with waterborne resin, inorganic material and auxiliaries. It also provide good workability, flexibility and excellent water resistance. This product is type of one-component, can be used immediately after opening.


It can be used for waterproofing works in bathrooms, roofs, walls, window frames, terraces, parapets, floor joints, etc.


  1. Appearance: gray-black mud
  2. Proportion: 4 or more
  3. Thinner: clean water if necessary (<5%)
  4. Elongation: >500%
  5. Water resistance retention rate:> 97%
  6. Packing: 20 kg

Terms and Conditions

  1. Please store in a cool place and properly seal, shelf life: 6 months.
  2. This product solidifies by itself when exposed to air, and should be used up as soon as possible after opening the barrel.
  3. Drying time: <30min (25℃).


  1. Using brush, roll or trowel.
  2. The brushed area should be clean and flat. If there is dust, poor smoothness, other paint or grease contaminants, it should be cleaned up before painting.
  3. Each coating amount is about 5 kg/m2, two or more layers are recommended.

Notice under installation

  1. If it is cloudy or rainy or the relative humidity of the atmosphere is equal to or greater than 85% RH or the temperature is lower than 10℃, the painting should be avoided.
  2. It is recommended to coat more than two coats at the corners, around the nozzle, and at the interface.
  3. The painting personnel should avoid skin contact. If the paint accidentally splashes into the eyes, they should immediately rinse with plenty of water for more than ten minutes, and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.