Case Study- PU


*The name of the projects are all in Chinese, any question please do not hesitate to contact us.

Year 2021 National Museum of Taiwan HistoryYear 2020 National Yunlin University of Science & Technology Waterproof worksMudan Reservoir Hydropower project


Case StudyDate
National Yunlin University of Science & Technology Waterproof works2020.11
Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corp Taoyuan & Miaoli office Roof waterproofing Project2020.12
ChunWha Seashore Wind power plant2021.02
Navy Command Tank Maintenance AAV72021.03
National Sun Yat-sen University2020.11
Nangang Industrial Park Service Center  renovation of the top floor of the conference building2021.03
Taichung Veterans General Hospital2021.09
Taitung airport2020.12
KinMen Formosarace Project2021.04
National Museum of Taichung History - Knowledge & Resource Center2021.03
National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology2021.06
Taipei National Unversity of the Arts library, department of music & Concert Hall 2021.08
Mudan Reservoir Hydropower project2021.10
Taichung Veterans General Hospital- 1st Medical Building2021.09
PingTung Historical Tobacco factory2020.11
National Cheng Kung University-Medical Center2021.06
National Museum of Taiwan History2021.05
Taichung Veterans General Hospital2021.09