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As a trusted producer, JOHNSON Fine Chemical is the global specialty chemical supplier for isocyanate-based & amine-based curing agents, isocyanate-type addhesives and polyurethane curing agents (CASE field). By vetical integration in 2021, JOHNSON Group expands the service and enriches the product range from raw materials to application products, i.e. PU coating, EPOXY resin and SPUA.  There are two business dept. - Specialty Chemicals and Waterproof Resin in JOHNSON Group. Products are distributeing to 45 countries worldwide through a compeleted supply-chain network, providing global solutions for specialty chemicals and waterproof resins industries.

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01 Specialty Chemical

Ammonia and isocyanate curing agents are the main products of Chongshun. They have a wide range of applications. In addition to polyurethane products, they can also be applied to epoxy resin products. They can be seen everywhere in the semiconductor industry, automobile industry, and even medical industry, and they are extremely close. You and my life.

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02 Waterproof Resin

With the intensification of climate change, we continue to think about how to strengthen the weather resistance of buildings, from floor to roof, from outdoor to indoor, in a humid subtropical climate-Taiwan, we have rich experience to select the most appropriate products for our customers , Chongshun’s waterproof material brand "Neptune" has been deeply involved in the market for more than 20 years and is the strongest backing for government agencies, civil engineering, and public transportation.

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"Beyond product quality, committed to excellent service and innovation! 』

Chongshun has a team of chemical experts, complete laboratories and production equipment. They are not only experts in chemical products, but also inventors. The group's R&D budget is 30% of the annual turnover, and new products are launched regularly every year. In addition, these experts are also experts in product application, proposing tailor-made solutions for global customers.