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Expert of Specialty Chemical


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Expert of Specialty Chemical

Johnson Fine Chemical Co Ltd established in 1997 who manufactures class-leading hardenders for adhesives and curing agents such as MOCA, and devotes to develop speciality chemicals including speciality raw materials such as monofunctional isocyanate, 1,5-diisocyanate-naphthatene, dimethylthio diamino thouene, and etc.      

Registered with ISO9001: 2015, JOHNSON achievs great success and wins bigger market shares. Furthermore, JOHNSON is the TOP 100 Taiwan Firm in Shandong. Besides, JOHNSON cooperated technically with global companies in the development of new products, innovate and improve traditional techniques in production and quality assurance. By providing technical support to customers overall, we establish closed relationship with them. Meanwhile, with the feedbacks from the market, JOHNSON enhances the quality of product and expands the range of applications steadily. JOHNSON has built a sophisticated system for technological development and product promotion. The quality of products is world class. 

There are two main branches in JOHNSON Group, located in Taiwan and China respectively. Thus, we can form a global supply system for business activities. Continuous Improvement; Customers First; Innovative Development; Global Connecting” has led JOHNSON to succeed. This is not only our business pattern, but also the goal for JOHNSON Group to strive for and abide by.

In the 21st century, JOHNSON Group expects to map out the future blueprint, cultivate talents, increase investments and benefits of each corporation, set up organizations and system. Additionally, Johnson improves the organization management and increase efficiency to meet international standards. Through sustainable development, JOHNSON wants to contribute to the society.


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