Trade Name:MMEA
Similar Name:4,4'-Methylenebis(2-ethyl-6-methylaniline); Bis(4-amino-3-ethyl-5-methylphenyl)methane 4,4'-Diamino-3,3'-diethyl-5,5'-dimethyldiphenylmethane; Curehard-Med; 4,4'-Methylene-Bis(2-Methyl-ethylaniline )
Molecular Formula:C19H26N2
CAS Number:19900-72-2

HARTCURE MED, 4,4'-Methylenebis(2-ethyl-6-methylaniline) / MMEA, CAS number 19900-72-2, is a chain extender used for polyurethane elastomers. It is widely recognized for its ability to significantly enhance the mechanical and dynamic properties of various products. MED can also be used as a leading compound for polyimides and as an intermediation for organic synthesis.

Well-suited for casting polyurethane (CPU), thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), RIM elastomers and spray polyurea in the polyurethane field. MED is also applicable for the processing, prepreg and chemical anticorrosive coatings in the epoxy resin field. MED is used in the synthesis of prepolymers, including polyether and polyester.

MED is an ideal solution for finished products demanding light color and anti-aging. MED can be applied with other amine-type curing agents (compound) to meet better physical properties.

MED and MOCA are both amine-type curing agents. However, MED is eco-friendly and less-polluted in comparison of MOCA. This eco-friendly and less-polluted compound can replace MOCA, MBOEA, and HQEE in PU products, regardless of whether they are CPU(casting polyurethane) or TPU(thermoplastic polyurethane). Same as MOCA, MED-type elastomers feature with excellent heat-resistance demanding on working over 120℃.

As the main global supplier of 4,4'-Methylenebis(2-ethyl-6-methylaniline) / MMEA, Johnson is committed to delivering outstanding quality and reliability. With an annual production capacity of 400 metric tons, we guarantee a steady and consistent supply to meet the demands of your business. Each batch of HARTCURE MED is carefully manufactured to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Our products help to achieve improved mechanical properties, durability, and reliability. Choose HARTCURE MED for outstanding results in the CASE industries.

Shelf life:

12 months since production date.


180kgs/carton; 300kgs/bag, 18kgs/bag

It can be packaged on demand. Please inquire.      

Precautions for safe handling:

Ensure good ventilation of the work station.

Wear personal protective equipment.

Hygiene measures:

Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product.

Always wash hands after handling the product.

Storage conditions:

Store in a well-ventilated place. As this product has slight hygroscopicity, please avoid contacting with water and avoid sunlight. Seal the container tightly after use. Meanwhile, it can’t be stored with oxidants.

Product name4,4'-DIAMINO-3,3'-DIETHYL-5,5'-DIMETHYLDIPHENYLMETHANE; 4,4'-METHYLENEBIS(2-ETHYL-6-METHYLANILINE); METHYLENEBIS(2-ETHYL-6-METHYLANILINE); CUREHARD-MED; BIS(4-AMINO-3-ETHYL-5-METHYLPHENYL) METHANE; di-(3-Methyl-4-amino-6-etyhyl) phenylmethane; 4,4'-methanediylbis(2-ethyl-6-methylaniline); 4,4-methylenebis(2-methyl-6-ethylaniline)
Chemical name4,4'-Methylene-bis(2-methyl-6-ethylaniline)
CAS Number19900-72-2
Molecular formulaC19H26N2
Molecular weight282.4231
Density1.039 g/cm3
Fusion point85°C
Boiling point443.1°C at 760 mmHg
Specific weight1.44 (solid) at 24℃
Flash point266°C
AppearanceWhite powder
MoistureBelow 0.3%
Amine value390-408 KOH mg/g
Acetone-insoluble materialNone
Total chlorineBelow 10 ppm
Main usagePolyurethane curing agent, curing agent for epoxy resin, chain extender
Vapor pressure4.75E-08mmHg at 25°C

MED/MMEA is an aromatic diamine chain extender and curing agent. Due to strict regulations on using MOCA, the eco-friendly, non-polluted MED is another ideal choice applying on a variety of applications. MED-base polyurethanes are versatility and design freedom, with high strength properties while retaining its elasticity. The MED-type finished products are durable and resistant which enables them are well-suited for demanding applications, such as gears, shole soles, pulleys, bumper pads, casters, rollers, forklift tires, machine components and so on. Furthermore, MED can be also applied as a bridge agent on semi-conductor and as a curing agent on epoxy and polyurea.