Amine Curing Agent


Amine-type curing agent is an organic polyamine compound widely used as epoxy resin curing agent. It can also be used as a polyurethane chain extender. It is an indispensable key auxiliary in the production process of polyurethane products to enhance the stability of polyurethane products. It plays an irreplaceable role in improving tear strength, heat resistance, hardness, acid resistance, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, insulation, resilience, compression deformation and other physical properties.


Johnson's amine-based curing agents include MOCA, DETDA, DMTDA, MED for customers to choose for a variety of applications. MOCA is a diamine chain extender, suitable for casting PU products, such as skateboard wheels, rubber rollers, mold linings, cyclones, transmission belts, couplings, screens, sealing products, and even mining, machinery , petroleum, military, high-speed rail and highway parts. In addition to casting products, the usage of PU coatings and adhesives is also very diverse. As a curing agent for epoxy resins, the finished products can be applied to sports venues, fitness equipment, building waterproofing and other applications.