High Performance Polyurea Spray Coating

High performance polyurea spray coating is a solvent-free, non-polluted and eco-friendly coating material developed for environmental protection requirements. The applying method is fast and simple.  Polyurea coating features with excellent physical properties, i.e. fast gelation speed, low temperature curing, high hardness, good toughness, aging resistance, anti-corrosion, good adhesion to the substrate and etc. Polyurea coating froms an elastic protective film on the surface of the substrate to reach the demands of high physical properties, ultra-wear-resistant and solvent-resistant.

It is integrally formed without seams, and can achieve the required thickness at one applying (one layer). Not only applied to cement, metal, wood, etc., polyurea resin can also be used as a protection coating for polystyrene PS and polyurethane foam (PU Foam).


  1. Floorings/grounds for high-tech factories, hospitals, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, parking lots, clean rooms/Fabrications (including walls) and other sites.
  2. Civil Engineering: Waterproof, anti-corrosion and anti-rust covering materials for roads, bridges, piers, tunnels, wharves, culverts, and steel pipes.
  3. Chemical: Acid and alkali resistant tanks, landfills, waste disposal sites, wastewater treatment facilities, ship steel plates.
  4. Decoration: Anti-collision protective materials such as props, scenery, ceilings, water entertainment facilities, etc.
  5. Waterproofing: Basements, water tanks, atriums, pools, swimming pools, bathrooms, flower beds, roof waterproofing, reservoirs and other places, on both inside and outside of waterproofing works.


  • Unique supreme abrasion resistance, excellent tear resistance, high water resistance and chemical resistance.
  • The construction is simple and fast, and it is applied with a two-liquid high-pressure sprayer, which can be quickly and repeatedly sprayed to the required thickness.
  • The curing speed is fast, the tack-free time is about 8 seconds, it can be walked in 20 minutes, and the physical properties can be fully performed within 24 hours. 
  • It can be sprayed continuously on the vertical surface, slope surface and top surface freely, without dripping.  One-time construction without seams. Integrated forming. Shortening the construction time. Speed up the efficiency and save your cost.
  • It is not affected by external temperature and humidity during construction, and can be cured normally at the temp. of -25 °C.
  • Polyurea coating can withstand high temperature up to 120°C, low temperature resistance up to -43°C. It does not crack and melt under the condition of short-term high temperature of 250°C.
  • 100% solid content, no organic solvent, non-toxic, in line with environmental protection requirements.
  • Good weather resistance, UV resistance, good adhesion, no aging, no cracking.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance, low temperature curing, high hardness, good toughness, aging resistance, anti-corrosion, good adhesion to the substrate.
  • Features with excellent flame resistance and self-extinguishing properties. Resulting from its antibacterial effect, perfect applied for hospitals and food factories.

Recommended Application Dosage

Theoretically, with a thickness of 1mm, one gallon can cover an area of 3.76m2. However, due to factors such as the spraying wearness and the roughness or unevenness of the substrate surface, it is recommended to reserve 15% to 20% of the space.

Using Method

  • Polyurea coating is sprayed with a machine-grade spray gun with a high-pressure heating device.Generally, the pressure must be kept at 1500~2500PSI (100~170 kg/cm2) continuously, and the temperature should be maintained at 55-75℃ (131-167℉).
  • When spraying, the vertical distance between the spray gun and the ground is about 45-65cm. Spray parallelly and overlap about  50% to achieve an average and consistent thickness.
  • If re-filling is necessary, refill should be done after 12 hours.


  • The concrete surface must be structurally completed, clean and flat. The protruding concrete must be leveled and ground, and the depressions must be filled and leveled.
  • Any sandy, curing agent, concrete hardener, or other foreign material and contamination must be removed, and must be done before filling dents, cracks or holes.
  • Leaky cracks or seepage must be filled to stop the water.
  • If the quality of concrete fails to meet the construction requirements, it must be improved before spraying polyurea coating, which including pickling, high-pressure water jet cleaning, high-pressure air blasting, machine grinding, and etc., depending on the actual situation.
  • This product can NOT be applied under the condition of standing water, seepage, leakage or concrete saturated with water. Because the adhesion of wet surfaces is poorer. Please apply on dry surfaces.
  • The new concrete needs to be cured for more than 28 days and the moisture content is less than 8%. If the surface is too smoothy, it must be roughened with a grinding machine before construction.