Chairman's Message

Our Principle

“Continuous improvement, customers first, innovative development, and global connecting” are goals we strive for and abide by. Growing at a steady pace has become our mission. Backed up by the strong management and supported by outstanding talents with profound cultural backgrounds, Johnson advances through long-lasting and sustainable ways.

Johnson is established on valuable traditions, “Safe, Efficient, Aggressive and Creditable”

Safe: life and property is formost piroity, safe method and executionn.
Efficient: Improve work efficiency. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
Aggressive: Positively face life and work, level-up living quality and create the future of the company.
Creditable: Be loyal to the company, trust people, improve morality, and refresh mind

It's hard to maintaine the achievement. May all the staff in Johnson Group is award of this and holds fast to his own position. Let Johnson keep moving.