PU Joint Filler

PU Joint Filler is a moisture-hardening polymer resin that does not sag. It is hardened by moisture in the atmosphere to become a durable elastomer. It can be constructed at low temperature and is widely used in civil engineering. It is a joint filler and multi-functional adhesive for concrete cement floorings and expansion joints. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


  • It is suitable for expansion joints, construction joints, mobile joints and various materials of any building.
  • It has good adhesion to a variety of substrates: plywood, marble, around doors and windows, exterior walls, balcony guardrails.
  • Repair cracks of mortar.
  • Good weather resistance and aging resistance.
  • Solvent-free paint.
  • Excellent water resistance and organic solvent resistance.
  • Easy construction, good physical properties, good toughness, elasticity & mechanical properties.
  • Not sagging.

Physical Properties

Item3 days @room temp.7 days aging @70℃
Tensile Strength(kgf/cm2)1713
Tear Strength(kgf/cm)1212

The physical property test results meet the requirements of CNS6985.


600ml,Gray color  (Ready to use.)


Professional silicon gun for caulking.


  1. The material must be used up within the reaction time during construction. If there is a phenomenon of gelation, it should not be applied again, and new materials should be used.
  2. After the application, press the caulking material into the extension joint, and smear the surface of the caulking material into a concave shape, so that the height is lower than the cement surface, so as to avoid damage caused by direct friction of the vehicle.
  3. The product should be stored in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
  4. Construction should be avoided in rainy, humid climate or when the relative humidity is above 85%RH.
  5. After construction, direct scouring by rainwater should be avoided, so as not to affect the physical properties.


 Follow the manufacturer's suggestion.

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