Polyaspartic Polyurea Resin

Polyaspartic Polyurea Resin [product name: Anti-UV Supreme Wear-Resistant Top-Coat], which is the new darling of the polyurea industry. It is an aliphatic, slow-reacting, high-performance coating material, so called the third generation of Polyurea. Generanly applied on the floorings of hypermarkets, parking lots and factories.  Anti-UV ultra-wear-resistant floor topcoat is resistant to ultraviolet yellowing and impact resistance, and its service life is 5 times more than epoxy resin.


Polyaspartic polyurea coating is used as anti-corrosion protective topcoat for wind power stations and hydropower equipment, floorings, exterior walls and construction industries, civil waterproofing, foam landscape, furniture equipment, vehicles and etc.. Its excellent anti-wearness and anti-scratch strength is excellent suitable for floor protective topcoat, and also perfect for occasions with high demandings for wear and scratch resistance, gloss and color retention, and is widely designed for parking lots, commercial decoration and office spaces. With its UV-resistant properties, it is applied on outdoor areas under direct sunlight. Due to its fast curing characteristics at room temperature, it is favored by the automotive refinish industry.


  1. Ultra-high wear and scratch resistance, high hardness.
  2. Excellent impact resistance and crack resistance.
  3. High weather resistance, UV resistance, yellowing resistance, excellent color retention.
  4. Good adhesion, good bridging properties.
  5. Replace PVC, epoxy, polyurethane(PU) and other materials, with long service life.
  6. Solvent resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance.
  7. Curing under low temperature, fast drying.
  8. Safe and non-slip, strong bonding, beautiful and eco-friendly.
  9. Easy to apply, can be brushed, rolled or sprayed by hand.
  10. Ultra-high solid content, low viscosity.
  11. Eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-polluting, free of organic solvents. 
  12. Low dosage, economical and practical.

Using Method

  1. Mix the main agent, hardener and aggregate according to the weight ratio of 3:1:1.5, stir evenly before use.
  2. Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed by hand.
  3. NCO: 90~93% (Resin: 86~90%) 
  4. Specific gravity: 1.50 ± 0.05 (Resin: 1.20 ± 0.05)
  5. Theoretical coating rate: 0.1kg/m2/60μm (dry film thickness 60μm).

Recommended application dosage

   One layer is about 0.15 ± 0.05㎏/m2.


  • The isocyanate of polyaspartic polyurea resin is sensitive to moisture and will shorten the pot life.
  • Make sure the surface is clean and dry before application, and remove grease or dirt if necessary.
  • Pay attention to the coating interval with the substrate during construction.


   Main Agent 3㎏/drum - Hardener 1㎏/drum - Aggregate 1.5kg//bag