CFN-2 (RN)

Trade Name:RN
Chemical Composition:Contains 27% polyisocyanate and 73% ethyl acetate (EAC)

The almost colorless Hartdur CFN-2, similar to RN, is designed as a curing agent/crosslinking agent for adhesive based on hydroxyl polyurethane, natural and synthetic rubbers. Hartdur CFN-2 is aromatic NCO isocyanate, it’s colorless and low viscous. Owing to Hartdur CFN-2 features good anti-yellowing, it is particularly suitable for light-color polyurethane adhesive demand. Because the solvent is ethyl acetate, Hartdur CFN-2 can be used in those countries where the use of methylene chloride is restricted.


The film of adhesive and coating film mixed by Hartdur CFN-2 is anti-yellowing after exposing to UV light and/or heat. Hartdur CFN-2 shows good bonding strength in PVC with higher plasticizer, SBR with higher oil content, top layer of leather, silk and so on.

Hartdur CFN-2 can be combined with polyester polyol and other hydroxyl-containing components to make a two-component polyurethane varnish or color paint. It has the characteristics of fast-drying and anti-yellowing. Its fast initial curing and sanding properties are its outstanding advantages for woodware.


0.75 KG / Aluminum bottle; 20 Bottles / Carton (15kgs)

180 KG / Iron Drum

It can be packaged on demand. Please inquire.      

Hartdur CFN-2 is a two-component adhesive. After adding a certain proportion of Hartdur CFN-2 to the adhesive, the ready-to-use double-component adhesive should be applied within a period (pot life) which is determined not only by its content of rubber, but also by the other ingredients of the formulation (e.g. resins, antioxidants, solvents, and etc.). If the adhesive is not used within this period of time, it may become increasingly difficult to apply and its viscosity increases rapidly until irreversible gel time ultimately occurs. Thus, it’s no longer to be used.


For curing adhesive of 100 parts by weight (p.b.w.) based on:

Graft-Chloroprene rubber

(rubber content approx. 16%)

3-5% p.b.w. Hartdur CFN-2 

Chloroprene rubber

(rubber content approx. 20%)

5-7% p.b.w. Hartdur CFN-2 

Hydroxyl polyurethane

(polyurethane content approx. 15%)

3-5% p.b.w. Hartdur CFN-2


Chemical compositionContains 27% polyisocyanate and 73% ethyl acetate
Intrinsic colorAlmost colorless to light-color clear liquid
NCO%6.8 ± 0.2 % ; 5.8 ± 0.2 %
SolubilitySoluble in various esters, ketones and aromatic solvents
Storage stabilityReacts readily with moisture; for better performance it should be kept dry and stored at temperatures between 5℃~32℃
PackageA: 0.8 KG / Aluminum bottle; 20 Bottles / Carton
 B: 180 KG / Iron Drum