PU Sealant / Non-Drip Mid-Coat

It is a PU sealing material, applicable on new and old adhesion, and on gap filling on buildings. It is found on gap filling for roads, bridges, air pavements, prefabricated houses, vehicles, containers and ships. I can also be found on internal joining for sanitary ceramics, refrigerators, freezers and bathrooms.

Applicable for buildings,roads, bridges, airport runways and so on.



  1. A filling material for concrete cement floors and expansion joints in civil engineering.
  2. New and old adhesions, and gap filling on buildings.
  3. Gap filling for road, bridge, and air pavement.
  4. Gap filling on prefabricated houses, vehicles, containers and ships.
  5. Internal joining for sanitary ceramic, refrigerators, freezer and bathroom.


  1. Solvent-free paint.
  2. Well elasticity, suited for gap-strain and good anti-tension.
  3. Strong adhesion to cement aluminum and metal.  
  4. Well weather resistant even exposing to sun and heavy rain.
  5. No restriction against with width, non flow-down, economical, durable and elegant.

Notice under installation

  1. The surface should be dry, solid and level.
  2. The mixing ratio should be correct and even.               

        (1) Expansion gap at outer post                         (2) Expansion gap at horizontal beam


        (3) Expansion gap on roof                          (4) Joint parts between new & old building