PU track / court material

It is a kind of elastomer made from Polyurethane, bridging with Isocyanate prepolymer and resin at room temperature. It’s seamless, high elasticity, abrasion resistant and weather resistance, and featured with safe, non-polluting and durable. Due to its high elasticity, it not only can help athletes create better results, but reduce sports injuries.

Applicable for the athletic courts, badminton courts, basketball courts, running tracks, indoor and outdoor sports fields.etc.



    Badminton courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, track and field courts, indoor and            outdoor sports fields, baseball fields, passages, football fields, runways, etc.


  1. Durable, excellent anti-fatigue.
  2. Non-slip, shock absorbent, and sound absorbent.
  3. Soft and comfortable.
  4. Well adhesion to concrete, cement, mortar, asphalt, and wood.
  5. Good elasticity.
  6. Easy to maintain with low cost.

Notice under installation

  1. The ground should be dry, solid and level.
  2. Water release way at outdoor should be smooth.
  3. Make sure the materials are thoroughly mixed.
  4. Is there enough vertical thickness?
  5. Is the ground humidity below 8%?
  6. Is the non-slip agent ratio correctly mixed?                                                                                                                                                                                 

Vollyball court  Tennis court
Basketball court  Badminton court