Trade Name:DETDA
Similar Name::Diethyltoluenediamine; Diethylmethylbenzenediamine; Diethyl Methyl benzene diaMine(Ethancure100)
Molecular Formula:C11H18N2
CAS Number:68479-98-1

HARTCURE 10, known as Diethyl-toluene-diamine (DETDA), CAS number 68479-98-1 is an aromatic diamine liquid curing agent, which is similar to Ethacure 100 and DETDA 80, for polyurea and polyurethane (PU).

Being an effective chain extender for polyurethane applications, HC10/DETDA is an ideal solution with its low cost and excellent properties, particularly for RIM (reaction injection molding) and SPUA (Spray Polyurea Elastomer). DETDA enables polyurethane/epoxy cures in a very short time, tack-free in seconds and seal surface perfectly to protect floors, facades, roofs and bridges. Best of all, DETDA-type polyurea covers and seals vertical surfaces in a few seconds without sagging.

DETDA is the most common chain extender in polyurethane industry, it has low viscosity, can be handled easily and more eco-friendly. Being the liquid form, DETDA can be processed at room temperature and cured well. Furthermore, DETDA-type elastomers have high dynamic resilience as same as MOCA-type ones. Meanwhile, there is less toxicity and dust in the production plant in comparison to MOCA.

Similar with its use in polyurethane and polyurea as curing agents, DETDA is used as a hardener and crosslinker for epoxy resins. Its two amine groups react with four epoxy groups, and even form a high-temperature crosslinking center together with bisphenol A. By adjusting the dosage, DETDA can provide quick reaction and cross-linking range when demanding.

Comparing with DMTDA, DimethylthioToluene Diamie, there is no unpleasant sulfur smell and the curing finished products are harder with better physical properties.

Shelf life:

12 months since production date.


200 kgs/ iron drum

It can be packaged on demand. Please inquire.     

Substance name:Diethylmethylbenzenediamine
CAS No.:68479-98-1
EC No.:270-877-4
EU Index No.:612-130-00-0
Molecular formula:C11H18N2
Components:CAS# 2095-02-5: 2,4-diamino-3,5-diethyltoluene;
CAS# 2095-01-4: 2,6-diamino-3,5-diethyltoluene;
Appearance (room temperature)light yellow to amber clear liquid
Molecular weight178.28
Boiling point, ℉ (℃)555(308)
Density (g/cm3) at 68℉ (20℃)1.02
Freezing point ℉ (℃))15(-9)
Flash point, TCC, ℉ (℃)275(135)
Viscosity, cPs at 20℃280
Viscosity, cPs at 25℃155
CompatibilitySoluble with Ethanol、Toluene
Equivalent of epoxy resin44.3
Isocyanate equivalent89.5

Note: The product will gradually become darker in color if kept too long or exposed to the air.

HC10/DETDA is majorly used as the curing agent for polyurethane/polyuria spraying system for a long lasting protection of all surfaces. With its quick curing property, HC10/DETDA is widely used in construction and building materials. It’s an ideal solution demanding for quick, efficient and lasting coating/sealing.

For those who are engaged in spraying polyurea coatings, polyurethanes, composites and epoxy resins, it will be difficult for you to find DETDA substitutes that suit your processing needs. Its unique curing speed makes it is one of the kind.

Furthermore, HC10/DETDA is also used as a curing agent/crosslinker of polyurethane and epoxy resin, antioxidant of epoxy resin, industrial oil and lubricants. In addition, Diethyl-toluene-diamine is applied as intermediate in organic synthesis.