Epoxy Resin Primer

It is a epoxy resin primer formed by special amine denaturation synthesis and polymerization reaction. It has toughness, adhesion, high adhesive strength, and  it produce excellent wet adhesion to steel. Moreover, it hardens well at low temperature, the cured coating film has excellent water resistance and chemical resistance.


  • Good bonding effect on wet surface and new and old concrete. This product is a healthy green building material.
  • Mostly used in government units.
  • It is a good metal adhesive for metal bonding.


  • Adhesion of new and old concrete.
  • Good liquidity, easy to operate.
  • Easy to mix with water, no pollution problem.
  • High permeability primer.
  • Good hardening at low temperature.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to water and organic solvents.
  • High-performance and multi-purpose epoxy resin coating at low temperature.

Coating methods

  • Roller coating.
  • Brush coating.

Notice under installation

  1. Material should be thoroughly mixed according to its relative ratio. Please avoid putting it in drum for a long time, or it will cause accumulated thermal reaction.
  2. Mixed material must be certainly used during its reaction time. Please use new mixed material instead of reaction one as there is any gelation.
  3. Material must be stored in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  4. Do not apply as rain and damp climate are imminent or RH is above 85%.
  5. Avoid raindrop erosion affecting the physical property after installing.
  6. There are no oily particles, sands, dusts and water that must be cleaned completely on the coating surface.


    Follow the manufacturer's suggestion.

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