Awards & Recognition

We are honored to be recognized by customers around the world. Continuously break through technology in the curing agent field, so that the public is aware of our brand more!

ISO 9001:2015IAAF(WA) - Full PUR Track IAAF(WA) - Sandwich TrackToxic Chemical Substances Management
IAAF(WA) Full PUR Track
Healthy Green Building Materials - Polyurethane FlooringHealthy Green Building Materials - Repairing Sealing EpoxyHealthy Green Building Materials - Epoxy Top-CoatHealthy Green Building Materials - Epoxy Primer
C-205SC-802S Epoxy flooring coatingC-803S Epoxy flooring coating
CNS4938 - Epoxy Resin (Type 1)CNS6482 - Polyurethane Flooring MaterialCNS6985 - Sealing PolyurethaneCNS6986 - Waterproof Polyurethane

ISO9001:2015 Shandong JohnsonISO9001:2015 Shandong JohnsonISO9001:2015 Shandong JohnsonISO9001:2015 Shandong Johnson

Shandong Top 100 EnterpriseHigh-Tech Enterprise 

Our Values

Solid Principles

Johnson acts in solid principles and always engaged for maximal product quality. Customer satisfaction is the focus of our efforts. We ensure that all business processes are geared towards manufacturing products of the highest quality.

Excellent Execuation

Through continuous investment, well-designed processes, and the close coordination of our teams & supply-chain, we help you to level up the efficiency, reduce costs, and  respond more flexibly to the ever-change market conditions.

Professional Knowledge

Providing rich experience & technicals not only in product development but also in practical applications, we help our customers and suppliers keep growing. Our team is formed by a groups of experts including Ph.D., merchadisers, marketing specialists to provide comprehensive consulting services to assist you with formulation and operational challenges.

CASE Solutions

Being the speciality chemicals manufacturer of CASE (Coating, Addhesives, Sealants & Elastomers) business, we are committed to providing stable and reliable supply and solutions for CASE customers. We  are active in providing services in the industrial, aerospace, construction and etc.