Epoxy Top Coating

In response to the application of different products, Johnson provide a full range and variety of epoxy resin topcoats. We have decorative topcoats (mostly used for furniture, stone, and artwork) that require high transparency, high gloss, and high hardness; we also provide yellowing-resistant protective topcoats. There are also epoxy resins with high hardness and high wear resistance, which are mostly used in parking lots and factory floors. In terms of color selection, there are not only the basic glossy and matte surfaces but a variety of colors for customers to match the space design, customized color toning services are also provided.


Our epoxy resins have good defoaming properties, easy coating, no color separation problems, and easy to use. We have the color division of the product line; topcoats with different thickness requirements are developed according to different application methods. The products are aimed at filling and reinforcing ceilings, improving the flexibility, thermal shock, elongation, thermal deformation temperature and impact resistance of the epoxy itself. The products comply with CNS and green building materials labels, and the high-quality products of MIT.

With the rise of environmental awareness, our company also provide water-based epoxy topcoats which are environmentally friendly, easy to operate and clean with long available time and good physical properties. They are all your best choices.


  • Furniture, stone, artwork.
  • Parking lot and factory floor.


  • High transparency, high gloss, high hardness.
  • Anti-yellowing protective epoxy topcoat.
  • High hardness and high wear resistance.
  • Good defoaming performance, easy coating, no color separation problem, easy to use.
  • Environmental protection, easy painting, easy cleaning, long available time, and good physical properties.

Notice Under Installation

  1. Materials should be thoroughly mixed according to its relative ratio. Please avoid putting it in drum for a long time, or it will cause accumulated thermal reaction.
  2. Mixed materials must be certainly used during its reaction time. Please use new mixed materials instead of reaction one as there is any gelation.
  3. Materials must be stored in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  4. Do not apple as rain and damp climate are imminent or RH is above 85%.
  5. Avoid raindrop erosion affecting the physical property after installing.


    Follow the manufacturer's suggestion.

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