Zinc Epoxy Primer

C-893 Zinc Epoxy Primer is composed of epoxy resin containing special zinc powder, which has excellent adhesion to steel surface. It is a two-component zinc powder antirust primer. Shop primer for metal surface immediately after blast cleaning for anti-corrosive purpose.


As an anti-corrosion and maintenance primer for ships, bridges, storage tanks, factory facilities, marine equipment and steel structures. 


  • Excellent water resistance, seawater resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • Good resistance to organic solvents and chemicals.
  • Quick drying and good construction performance.
  • Strong adhesion, can produce cathodic protection on steel.
  • Comply with CNS4936 K2087 national standard.


ColorFlat/Extinction, Gray
Specific GravityAbout 2.0 Kg/L(Mixture)
Viscosity85~98 KU(Mixture @25℃)
Set-to-touchTack free within 30 minutes. Firm within 6 hrs.(25℃)
Film ThicknessWet film 71~94μm, Dry film 60~80μm
Theoretical coating
42.2 ㎡/Gal 11.1㎡/L @60-80μm(0.18kg/㎡
Interval30℃/4hrs; 23℃/8hrs
Mix RatioMain Agent:Hardener = 10:1 (by weight)
Volume Solid ContentAbout 85%
Non-volatile Matter92.5%(Mixture)
Pot Life>7hrs ( Mixture @30℃)


  • Can be applied by rollers, paints or sprayers (traditional-type, pneumatic airless sprayer).


  • Main Agent 7kg, Hardener 0.7kg


  1. Remove any dirt, oil stains, moisture, dust or rust on the surface of the coated object before coating.
  2. When spraying, pour the hardener into the main agent and stir it evenly, then filter it with a #80~#100 mesh filter to prevent the nozzle from being blocked.
  3. The materials should be fully mixed according to the correct ratio. Avoid keeping the mixed materials in the bucket for too long to cause a heat accumulation reaction. Constantly stir to prevent zinc dust from settling during application.
  4. The material must be used up within the reaction time during construction. If gelation occurs, stop using and replace new materials instead.
  5. Construction should be avoided in rainy, humid climate or when the relative humidity is above 85% RH.
  6. The recommended coating interval is 4 to 8 hours for the top-coat to ensure the adhesion between layers.
  7. The actual coating dosage will be effected by the shape and size of the object to be coated, working environment and construction skills. The theoretical coating dosage is for reference only.


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