CNS Certificate (Epoxy)

The CNS Mark Certification System is a product Certification System enforced in 1951 in order to promote the use of national standard.

CNS Mark is to demonstrate the compliance of product quality with national standards and the compliance of manufactures’ quality management system with the requirements of ISO 9001,  also the manufacturers may gain the confidence from consumers in order to promote their products and the consumers' interests may be protected by purchasing products of excellent quality.

It is an emulsified water-based epoxy resin, which can be mixed with water and has good dispersion compatibility, and is easy to paint with flowability. It has good physical properties after hardening, widely used in concrete cement surface and has good bonding effect on wet surface and new and old concrete. This product is a healthy green building material.


  • Adhesion for new and old concrete.


  • Good liquidity and easy to use.
  • The cured film has excellent physical properties and water resistance.
  • Easy to mix with water, no pollution problem.


  1. 200g/m2 for one painting/coating.
  2. Mix agent A and agent B evenly according to the ratio and apply with trowel, roller brush or machine spray.

Notice Under Installation

  1. The materials should be fully mixed evenly according to the correct ratio, and avoid the heat accumulation reaction caused by the mixed materials being placed in the barrel for too long.
  2. The materials must be used up within the reaction time during painting. They must not be used if there is gelation, and new materials should be used.
  3. The product should be stored in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
  4. For painting in humid climate or weather with relative humidity above 85%, the next procedure needs to be carried out after it is dry.
  5. After painting, avoid direct scouring by rain to avoid affecting physical properties.
  6. There should be no oil stains, sand, moisture or dust on the surface of the coated object, and it must be cleaned up.