Waterborne Resin

Taiwan is located in a subtropical area. It is humid, hot, and has many heavy rains. Therefore it becomes important that paint can resist the complicated weather changes. Generally, outer wall paints are waterproof but they can't endure for a long time. They create seams and cause leaking because the powder layer cracks. After research and development, this product is a special waterproof coating that meets environmental protection requirements. It is non-toxic and non-polluting. It has excellent softness, flexibility and high-density waterproof effect after adding waterproof special reinforced aggregate materials to prevent spitting, efflorescence, mold growth and widely used in various purposes.

This product is a superior penetration and adhesion, especially effective for sandy and weathered walls and floors. After installing, it can protect outer wall from leaking for a long term.


  1. internal and external walls of new and old buildings, painting roofing sheet, painting surface, asbestos sheet , wood...etc.
  2. Waterproof for roofs and exterior walls,floors, bathrooms, flower beds, water storage tanks, roofs, basements, etc . It also makes the surface more appealing.
  3. Provides the surface with anti-rust, anti-aging, and anti-corrosion treatment.
  4. Excellent adhesion to finishing materials.
  5. Using water-based elastic cement on the bathroom or exterior wall and then sticking ceramic tiles to prevent the occurrence of efflorescence and wall mold.
  6. Used for waterproofing, such as patching of wood, gypsum board, and light partition walls.


  1. Weather resistant - The strong chemical construction of acrylic foam rubber can resist resist severe climates and protect the wall in the long term.
  2. Waterproof - Excellent air permeability, low water permeability and excellent water resistance.
  3. Tear resistant - The long elongation is resistant to the thermal expansion and contraction of concrete.
  4. Low pollution - Contains no organic solvents, odorless, and no air pollution, it meets modern environmental protection requirements..
  5. Economical - Simple construction steps are required, to reduce the risk of improper human operation.
  6. Ductility- Over 400% and the strong adhesion, the paint is without cracking or bulging.
  7. It is fully compatible with cement, and has good adhesion to various substrates, such as old cement, bricks, wood, etc.

Coating methods

  1. It is recommended to apply it by rolling.
  2. Surface treatment—clean off dust and removed the grit using portable grinder or shaver.
  3. Paint treatment—spraying on the surface with a roller, brush, or spray gun. Each coat needs 25 kg/m2. If it needs a thickening coating, spraying the paint again and again and it needs to wait for 30 minutes for each time.

Notice under installation

  1. Make sure that there is no water, mud, or oil on the surface of the structure.
  2. Do not mix with any other solvent or its physical properties will be destroyed.
  3. When repainting is needed, make sure that all the peeling parts are cleaned off. Use sealing material to fill up all the cracks, then installing by standard construction process.
  4. Water can be added to dilute paint, but do not add more than 5%.
  5. This product is a water-based paint. If it is not used up at one time, it can be used later by closing the cover tightly. If water collects on the surface, stir it—it can still be used.
  6. Do not use any sharp object to press it. If there is any damage, repair it with standard construction process to avoid the damage from increasing.
  7. Store in a dry and cool location. Expiration period: one year.
  8. Notice: various color options.


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