Water Drawing Agent

Water-drawing agent can provide any kinds of surface materials with water-drawing and also reduce water's  permeation. It has long-term effects and can use for concrete, brick and glasses. Besides, this product can also reduce the air pollution and meet the environmental requirements.


Range of use: any kinds of construction materials such as brick, tiles, concrete, natural stone, processed stone, sidewalk, parking floor, and the construction of bridge.


  1. Water-drawing agent can react with moisture and CO2 and become insoluble resin in 24hr. it will provide substrate with excellent water-drawing and reduce water’s permeation and protect substrate from cracking and peeling off. It’s very useful for prolong the life of construction.
  2. By using water-drawing agent with the surface of outdoor cement material. It can maintain for 5 to 10 years and the appearance will not change.