Polyurethane heat resistant cream

PU heat resistant cream is made from PU. It’s a kind of high-class paint.The appearance of this product is pure white. This product has highly-reflection and highly luster that can reflect sun ray for almost 95%.



  1. Waterproof for exposed roof , roof insulation.
  2. Used for cement surface, asbestos tile, PU water-proof material.


  1. PU heat resistant cream has not only heat insulation but also good adhesive. It has good hydrophobic and water resistance; it is extensibility and can be used for cement surface, asbestos tile, PU water-proof material. It’s a long-term heat-resistant material.
  2. Usually, the heat in summer is mainly come from the sun ray. The heat is absorbed through the top of cement, wall, asbestos tile, and then transmitted into indoors. PU heat resistant cream can not only resist sun ray for almost 95%; moreover, it can resist the rest 5% of sun ray and heat with the mica material. That is, the heat resistant effect can achieve 100%.


  1. It can be used after mixing the primer and hardener thoroughly.
  2. Before installing, the primer and hardener should be mixed thoroughly according to the ratio 2:1.
  3. PU heat resistant cream can be installed by spray, brush and wheel. Use dimethylbenzenes to dilute it when the concentration is too high.
  4. It will be dry and work by 8 hours after installing.


  • Coating on asbestos tile for 0.35~0.45㎏/m2
  • Coating on normal cement 0.4~0.5㎏/m2
  • Coating on PU water-proof material for 0.2~0.3㎏/m2
  • Coating on the surface of metal 0.2~~0.3㎏/m2

Notice under installation

  1. Do not install before raining and it should be installed until the wet place has been exposing for 2 to 3 days.
  2. This product is kind of organic solvents. Do not close to fire and keep it in the place which is humid and ventilative.
  3. After mixing PU heat resistant cream and hardener, please run it out off in 1 hr.
  4. If skin or clothing touch on the cream, please use solvent with ester to clear up first and then wash with amount of water.

Product test result

※According to the test result by our company, in the hottest period of the day, which is two o'clock in the afternoon, this product can lower roof surface temperatures by up to 6℃.