Polyurethane (PU)

Polyurethane waterproof material is divided into Primer, Mid-Coat and Top-Coat according to its application.
  • Primer products are featured with excellent penetration and tensile strength, excellent elongation and adhesion, especially for sandy and weathered walls and floors. Our PU resin products are Moisture-curing.
  • Mid-Coat resin is oil-based PU acrylic resin, which has high weather resistance and bonding strength. Furthermore, it's anti-yellowing resin coating. These products can be used as waterproof material for general tile exterior walls.
  • Top-Coat resin is with it's unique physical characteristics of high ductility, high weather resistance and easy construction. Our Top-Coat resin are widely applied on horizontal floorings of buildings, factories, schools, roof gardens, etc.
Johnson PU polyurethane waterproofing resin is the designated material for the TPIA (Taiwan Paint Industry Association) Technician Exam. We are honored that our quality is well-reputed in the industry and being a designated brand (Sea Chief) by local authorities.